Captains Away Weekend

Congratulations on being elected next year’s Club Captain. It is a great honour to be selected by your fellow members. As this year’s Vice Captain you have had an insight in what lies in store for you next year. Ah yes the Captains Away Weekend!

However, with the honour comes a year of hard work and now you are thinking about next year’s Captains Away Weekend. Where do we go? Where am I going to find the time to find a venue? How do I please everyone that wants to go?

This is where our team of personal experts at 19th Hole Golf Getaways comes to your rescue. We know from our years of arranging golf trips how difficult it can be for you to make the right choice. So we become an extra member of your team and take the burden off your shoulders.

How 19th Hole Golf can assist your Captains Away Weekend

  • We can offer the following benefits in arranging the perfect weekend for you and your members.
  • We partner with many of the leading golf resorts and clubs in the UK
  • We spend initial time with you to find our your key requirements
  • We bring to you a number of proposals to you that we believe suit your requirements.
  • We are aware of any special early booking incentives and offers that are in the market place
  • We work with you from start to finish ensuring the booking process goes smoothly
  • We free up more of your valuable time to carry out the other duties as Club Captain
  • We offer a loyalty prize scheme to thank you and the club for choosing us to find your venue

Captains Away Weekend- Recommended Venues

There are a wide number of resorts throughout the UK that are more than capable of holding your Captains Weekend Away.

Here are just a few suggestions that come to mind.

It is never too early to start planning for your Captains Away Weekend and you will be the toast of your members next year when you have delivered the perfect weekend away.

Contact John today on 01536 430188 or mail today to start planning your away weekend