Lisbon Golf Coast Holidays and City Breaks

When you mention Golf in Portugal  or a holiday in Portugal most people normally turn to  the Algarve as their first choice. However, in recent times Lisbon Golf Coast Holidays and Lisbon as a tourist/holiday destination has become a popular choice with golfers and general tourists alike.

Lisbon is steadily growing in popularity as one of the best European destinations for a city break. Lisbon was recently voted Europe’s best City Break destination at the World Travel Awards 2019 held in Madeira and is achieving greater recognition and popularity. A recent review in CNN Traveller stated that Lisbon was one of the ‘coolest’ capitals in Europe to visit. It’s nightlife around the Bairro Alto district is definitely a match for cities such as Madrid

Lisbon has also been identified as one of the best value cities to visit and despite the relative low value of the pound your Euros can go a long way. With superb beaches, golf courses, hotels and tourist attractions, Lisbon Golf Coast holidays and Lisbon city breaks are now one of our most popular destinations.

Lisbon Golf Coast Holidays-Why you should visit soon

Lisbon Derby Weekend

If you are thinking  about your next trip to Europe, come and discover Lisbon. It is a  historical city full of stories to tell, where the sun shines 290 days a year and the temperature rarely drops below 15 degrees centigrade. A city where you feel safe wandering around day or night, where the cuisine is dedicated to creating over a thousand ways to cook the beloved bacalhau (salted cod).

Lisbon is the perfect destination where you will  find hotels and restaurants to suit every taste, budget and requirement. Lisbon is a city full of history where old customs and ancient history intermix with cultural entertainment and hi-tech innovation. Lisbon is a city that welcomes it’s visitors and is famous for its hospitality and the generosity it shows to visitors.


Lisbon Golf Coast Holidays- 12 reasons why you should visit Lisbon soon

  1. The Euro can still go a long way in Lisbon. A 3 course meal and bottle of house red wine for two persons  can average less than £40-£45
  2. Lisbon is rated one of the safest cities in Europe for tourists.
  3. Lisbon is the sunniest capital in Europe averaging nearly 2,800 of sunshine per year
  4. Portugal is renowned for it’s sausage with Praca da Figueira hosting a market on most days.
  5. You must try the world famous Custard Tarts or Natas and a visit to Pasteis de Belem is a must
  6. Lisbon is 2-3 hours flying time from many UK and European airports
  7. Lisbon Airport is just 6.5 kilometres and a 20 minute metro ride from the centre
  8. Lisbon like Rome is built upon seven hills offering some stunning views.
  9. Stunning beaches are just 30 minutes from the city centre
  10. Lisbon like the rest of Portugal is passionate about its football with Sporting Lisbon and Benfica the big rivals.
  11. The World Heritage designated town of Sintra is just 40 minutes by train
  12. The Costa Azul to the south of the River Tagus has superb beaches and National Parks.

Lisbon City Centre- Selected Tourist Attractions

Praca de Comercio

Lisbon golf and cultural tour

One of Lisbon’s most iconic squares is Praça do Comércio. Better known by locals as Terreiro do Paço, since it was once where the paço, or palace, used to stand before the earthquake in 1755, it is one of the largest squares in Europe. As a symbol of the city, it provides access to various attractions that mustn’t be missed such as Pátio da Galé, Cais das Colunas and the innovative Lisbon Story Centre. You should also climb up the Arco da Rua Augusta to marvel at the symmetry of the streets, the calçada portuguesa and the view of the river. Take a rest at the feet of King José I and the imposing horse Gentil, a statue sculpted by Machado de Castro which so well illustrates royal power and the nobility of the Lusitano breed. Make Praça do Comércio your starting point for discovering the city

Castelo de Sao Jorge

Lisbon Golf Coast HolidaysThe Castelo de São Jorge is one of Lisbon’s most distinctive monuments, being situated on the city’s highest hill.

The oldest known fortification at this spot dates from the 2nd century BC, although some of the remains found here date from as far back as the 6th century BC. Archaeological evidence has also made it possible to discover traces of the presence of Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans and Muslims, confirming the human occupation of this area since very remote times.The castle itself was founded in the 10th and 11th centuries, when Lisbon was an important Moorish port. In 1147 the first king of Portugal, Dom Afonso Henriques, captured both the castle and the city from the Moors. The castle enjoyed its most important period between the 13th and 14th centuries. It was also here, in the 16th century that the king Dom Manuel I received Vasco da Gama after his sea voyage to India and that the first Portuguese theatre play, written by Gil Vicente, was performed to mark the birth of  King Dom João III.

Declared a National Monument in 1910, the castle underwent major restoration work in the 20th century, which left it with its present-day appearance. It is one of the most important places in the city and a very popular leisure space amongst the people living in Lisbon. It is generally agreed to afford the best view over the city and the River Tagus

Torre de Belem

Lisbon Golf Coast HolidaysThe harmony and delicate ornamentation of the Tower of Belém suggests a finely cut jewel to all laying eyes on her. However, its contemporaries took a rather different view as a formidable and imposing bastion defending the entrance to the Tagus and capable of combining firepower with the St Sebastian tower on the other bank of the river.

The construction was ordered by King Manuel I (1495-1521) and it was built by Francisco de Arruda between 1514 and 1521. The tower was built on a basalt island that was close to the right bank of the Tagus in front of Restelo beach. However, with the gradual change in the course of the river, the tower has ended practically swallowed up by the bank.


Lisbon Golf Coast HolidaysOne highlight of a visit to Lisbon is a ride on the number 28 tram. The tram route passes through many of Lisbon’s finest districts, including Baixa, Graça, Alfama and Estrela, but most visitors travel on it to climb the steep hill from Baixa to the castle and Alfama.

Due to the undulating and twisting route it is only  the classic Remodelado trams, which were originally commissioned in the 1930s that  are able navigate the steep inclines or sharp twists of the tracks. These trams (that would be in a museum in any other city) are an integral part of Lisbon public transport network. Unfortunately due to the high number of tourists using Tram 28 it can attract pickpockets so like in many cities please valuables safe.

Lisbon Golf Coast Holidays- Cascais, Estoril and Sintra

Golf in PortugalThe beaches between Lisbon and Cascais are so close to the city centre is one of the main features that makes Lisbon so unique as a holiday destination. You can take the excellent train service train from Cais do Sodré or the car and drive along the marginal, the road that follows the coast and has great views of Lisbon and the mouth of the Tagus.

Santo Amaro, Oeiras and Carcavelos are the biggest beaches and most family oriented along this stretch of the coastline. Carcavelos is ideal for surfing for all abilities and you will  find various schools and hundreds of devotees. Linked to Cascais by the excellent seafront walk dotted with cafes and bars, you can find other smaller beaches, such as Avencas, São Pedro and Parede. In Cascais, the urban beaches and bay are full in summer and winter. But 6 km from the centre is Cresmina and the amazing Guincho, a hotspot for windsurfers and kitesurfers.

Lisbon Golf Coast HolidaysTo the north of Cascais, Sintra is a must do place to visit. It has been a UNESCO world heritage site for its cultural landscape since 1992 and is renowned for its palaces and moorish castles including the impressive Palacio da Pena

Sintra was the centre of the romantic movement in Portugal and is just 25 kilometres from Lisbon. There is an excellent train link from Rossio station right into the heart of Sintra from where you can take the circular bus route past all the major attractions. For us though the star is Palacio da Pena with its fabulous palace and grounds and stunning views from where you can see the west coast and then all the way to the River Tagus and its iconic suspension bridge

Lisbon Golf Coast Holidays-Recommended Hotels in Cascais Estoril and Sintra

Our Lisbon Golf Coast Holidays  feature the Cascais and Estoril region and here are a selection of our recommend hotels and accommodation.

The Costa Azul and Arrabida National Park

Lisbon Golf Coast Holidays

If you looking for some of the best beaches and natural features around Lisbon cross the River Tagus using the impressive Abril 25 Bridge that celebrated its 50th anniversary this year to reach a landscape so different from the other side of the river.

The Arrábida region includes the Arribada National Park where the impressive hills join onto some of the finest beaches south of Lisbon. Other treasure nearby include the Sado Nature Reserve where you can include Dolphin watching during your visit

Sesimbra, one of the most popular holiday regions for the local population and has all the hustle and liveliness of a holiday resort. With snack bars and classy restaurants for partying, Sesimbra also offers a lively family environment besides beach and nightlife.

Palmela has plenty of food options which help you to gather your forces to climb up to the castle and visit the old main square, from which smoke signals would be sent to communicate with the castles of São Jorge and Alcácer do Sal.  On a visit to the region last year we visited the fabulous Jose Maria da Fonseca Vineyards where the family have been producing some of Portugal’s finest wines since 1834

Lisbon Golf Coast Holidays- Where to stay on the Costa Azul

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